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Aller-retour et aller

Karolin Meunier (in German)

This is a digital trace of the performance by Karolin Meunier on 19.11.2022 at the GAK.

During her performance on 19.11.2022 Karolin Meunier added an imaginary cinema space to GAK's temporary bookstore, albeit without a film: 
Aller-retour et aller enters into a dialogue with Wanda (USA, 1970), the first and only feature film by director and actress Barbara Loden. The protagonist, played by Loden, leaves her home in a coal mining area in rural Pennsylvania and becomes the seemingly aimless companion of a bank robber. The film is now one of the most important works of female independent cinema. French author Nathalie Léger dedicated a book to the story behind the film in 2012. In Supplément à la vie de Barbara Loden, she writes: “A woman telling her own story through that of another woman.” In her reading, Karolin Meunier linguistically blends the biographies of the film character, the actress, and the writer, transforming the process of reading and translation into a performance.

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Karolin Meunier: Aller-retour et aller, 2019/2022, GAK Bremen, Photography: Jiye Lee

Aller-retour et aller was first performed at Kino Arsenal as part of the exhibition The Making of Husbands at KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin (2019).

The performance text has been published as HaFI 017: Karolin Meunier: Aller-retour et aller. Über „Wanda“ und „Supplément à la vie de Barbara Loden“ by the Harun Farocki Institut.

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