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The Force of Listening: Footnotes and New Directions

Lucia Farinati

Lucia Farinati is an independent researcher, curator and a published author on the subject of listening and contemporary art. Her research focuses on the politics of listening, the history and theory of the artist interview, and performativity in the context of sound and feminist archives.

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Taking the book The Force of Listening as a starting point, Farinati explores the role of listening in the context of dialogic practices at the intersection of art and activism. Listening can be understood as an inherent part of dialogue and conversation. But how might it play a role in constituting a group? Listening might help to create some kind of collective that could be momentary and fleeting or something more lasting, but what are the implications for each of these forms?

This talk is a further exploration of the relationship between listening and collectivity and their relationship to politics. Listening is emphasized here as a transdisciplinary subject, one that moves across the humanities and society, and which contributes to fostering interpersonal and community relations. Drawing from a new body of research which looks at listening as an artistic, social and somatic issue, the talk speculates on potential new directions in sound studies with particular attention to experimental pedagogy and archive practice.

In 2020 Lucia Farinati was awarded a PhD from Kingston University on the subject of Audio Artsmagazine, exploring the activation of its recordings and documents in collaboration with Tate Archive. She is the co-author with Claudia Firth of The Force of Listening (Errant Bodies Press, 2017) and currently working on a new volume titled Theorising the Artist Interview which will be published by Routledge (2023). She is the co-organizer and co-convener with Brandon LaBelle of The Listening Academy (Berlin, London 2021-2022).

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